The organisational landscape is constantly evolving and is not set to stop any time soon. Ever-changing social, economic, political, technological and environmental circumstances are demanding that organisations and their people respond and adapt to these external forces in a way that has never been done before. Add to this meeting the leadership needs of the millennial and Gen Z revolution, surviving in VUCA environments and customers who are demanding awe-inspiring, value-based products and services, there really is no better time to make sure your organisation and its people are FUTUREFIT.




Participants will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive and interconnected set of tools, skills, personal profiles, behaviours and a mindset essential for the delivery of a service fit for future
  • Understand how to transition from ‘expert’ to ‘leader’
  • Learn how to plan for, and deliver, high performance-based and versatile leadership in a fit for future service
  • Develop versatile EI-based confidence and thinking capability in approaches to people, situations and decision-making
  • Gain effective strategies for preventing and solving problems, innovating solutions and services and influencing in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) environments
  • Learn how to inspire and engage everyone to think in terms of ‘what’s possible’ in the way that internal and external customers are served
  • Acquire acute clarity of personal strengths and development opportunities in the context of leading people in a VUCA environment
  • Build strong, versatile and collaborative relationships and networks of people across the organisation
  • Develop resilience and tenacity strategies and skills required for when the going gets tough


Participants will:

  • Understand the value of, and self-assess against, emotionally intelligent competencies in business to discover personal opportunities to develop more emotionally resilient traits

  • Be more aware of the of the impact of personal beliefs and thinking patterns in
    difficult situations and how to flex for better outcomes and improved wellbeing

  • Identify personal emotional anchors that inhibit resilience capability

  • Learn ‘perspective thinking’ habits to help evaluate the value in alternative views and possibilities


Participants will:

  • Undergo a simple, yet highly effective, organisational and C-Suite assessment in a safe and professionally facilitated environment

  • Through facilitated discussions, collectively explore key elements of this information with view to forming a development assessment of the team and its fit for future potential

  • Understand and appreciate the diversity and value of the team dynamic, each others’ perspectives and corporate challenges

  • Receive a bespoke summary report with recommendations on future development/activity requirements


Participants will:

  • Explore what it means to ‘thrive’, why it’s important at work and what are the most common inhibitors

  • Discover the 8 interconnected elements of the Thrive Dashboard and against each, self-assess current levels of ‘thrive-ability’

  • Learn practical knowledge and skills for good mental health and wellbeing at work

  • Discover new ways of thinking and acting differently which will improve your ability to thrive



What you get:

  • A professional consultation service to advise on creating/providing the essential golden thread of vision and strategy to performance deliverables through the performance management tool (see below)
  • A high quality, industry-compliant and user-friendly Performance Review Form which covers all the elements you would expect to see on a quality-assured tool
  • A set of comprehensive user-friendly guidelines for on-going reference
  • A simple user-friendly Behavioural Framework to help address attitudinal or behavioural performance deficiencies
  • A simple ratings system and guidelines
  • Project Management from Ascensio to support in making the pack suitable for your organisation’s need, e.g. confirming key process dates, branding, minor tweaks to text, etc.
  • Half day ‘en-masse’ familiarisation training for users of the new process


Participating organisations will:

  • Generate a ‘sit-up-and-take-notice’ organisation-wide attitude to excellent performance management
  • Facilitate confidence in approaches to addressing difficult situations and performance-related issues
  • Increase engagement due to people feeling more successful and confident in their roles
  • Increase productivity due to people having clarity about the expectations of them within the organisation – both in the what and the how
  • Improve leadership capability and credibility
  • Reduce performance-impacting KPI’s – e.g. absenteeism, sickness, stress, etc.
  • Improve collaboration and communicationacross teams
  • Improve levels of personal responsibility and accountability which in turn will reduce dependence on leaders leading to improved levels of capacity


Defy austerity by developing the commercial capability of your people. These practical workshops develop a sound commercial focus in decision-making and problem-solving amongst the masses when responding to customer needs, whilst upskilling your more senior population with a range of commercial strategies, tools, skills and mindset required to help them achieve more with less for your customers.


Participants will:

Commercial Awareness

  • Appreciate why Local Government needs to be more commercially aware and what the opportunities and benefits are in your service area
  • Understand how to contribute to developing a customer-centric commercially-focused culture
  • Understand what inhibits commercial thinking and how to develop to help secure the future of your own service area


Commercial Capability

  • Commercial Awareness content in a more strategic context, plus:
  • Experience a sequential commercial planning process in practise – taking away at least one commercial idea to implement
  • Take away a set of commercial planning tools for ongoing and repeated use
  • Learn creative techniques for problem solving and/or opportunity sourcing



The reliance of information transfer and sharing across teams in Local Government is critical for meeting customer needs and maintaining efficient services but unhelpful silos and historical dogma can block this and make life difficult for everyone involved. This innovative and thought-provoking workshop helps participants to understand how trust is really built, empathise with others’ perspectives and learn quick, simple and easy techniques to build real trust.


Participants will:

  • Understand how real trust is built and how to develop it in yourself and others
  • Learn how unhelpful beliefs and thoughts inhibit trust and effective working relationships and how to reframe for better outcomes
  • Develop empathy and perspective skills to help facilitate a ‘what’s possible’ mindset when working with internal and external customers
  • Practise empathy and trust building techniques



Participants will:

  • Learn how to co-create to innovate
  • Understand how to use Savvy Maps to solve complex problems and/or influence at an organisational level
  • Solve a real-life problem or create an opportunity by practically applying the tools



“Ascensio recently delivered such a programme for one of our publishing divisions – and the result has been the creation of a highly effective and motivated team from a situation where we had been losing high calibre employees and the team relationships had almost completely broken down. I don’t know how they did this in 1.5 days but they did and we are delighted with the result.”

Director of HR, Publishing company, UK


“We decided to use Ascensio because of their innovative approach to designing and developing the (leadership) programme. Participants were very positive about the programme, gaining confidence and credibility as individuals and cohesiveness as a group. I would recommend working with Ascensio because of their dynamic and professional approach.”

Head of L&D, Imperial College London, UK



“The programme obviously does what it says on the tin as I came away feeling more than a small amount inspired – not to mention very grateful!”

Recent Delegate, Major Charity, Scotland



“We decided to use Ascensio because of the manner in which the facilitator quickly grasped the issues we were struggling with, coupled with the high level of trust and confidence she instilled in all members of the team. The business has benefited from a more cohesive team that has the capability to overcome the challenges it faced and achieve the stretch targets that it has been set. Frequently innovative in her approach, yet un-phased by surprises that pop up along the way, the facilitator manages to take everything in her stride while remaining sensitive to individual and team needs as well as being thoroughly professional.”

General Manager, motion and control technologies, UK



“This is probably the best course I’ve ever been on, working in a technical environment I’ve only ever attended technical / IT courses. I was initially apprehensive about what this could teach me but was glad to be proved wrong.”

Recent Delegate, IS Services, UK



“Thanks for everything it was a truly amazing course, well constructed, well delivered and above all inspirational.”

Recent Delegate, Retail, UK


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