We have been engaging and enabling people to think in terms of whats possible since 2003. Being an agile and select consortium of development experts, all with strong, high-volume operational backgrounds, we keep our thinking fresh, our business savvy and solutions current and our service personal.

Since 2003, our consultants have:

“Ignited Possibilities” in 10,000’s+ of delegates

Enjoyed rewarding partnerships with over 200+ Clients

Transformed numerous organisations through cultural & behavioural evolution programmes

Helped to ‘make’ 1,000’s+ of industry leaders

Designed & facilitated 10,000’s+ of workshops and other development- related assignments

Coached 1000’s+ of individuals to fulfil their potential

Delighted 98% of our delegates who rate our development programmes as ‘very’ & ‘extremely’ useful




Ascensio was founded back in 2003 by Sian Anderson who, at the time, was intrigued by organisations who hired and promoted talent for one thing but within a short period of time either fired or lost them (physically or emotionally) for something completely different. What was the corporate elixir that enable others to flourish, thrive and succeed where others failed?

In the vast majority of cases, it certainly wasn’t qualifications or experience. All of these recruits met the brief on paper; they were highly qualified, intelligent (according to the aptitude tests), experienced in their chosen field and interviewed incredibly well, but for some reason struggled to apply that knowledge and experience effectively in the workplace to achieve great results in the right way.

Ascensio was borne from a belief that, anyone can succeed in any environment if they have, or develop, the right set of emotional competencies. Knowledge and skills can be acquired relatively easily with the right motivation but unless that knowledge and skill is applied effectively then any potential value is dramatically reduced.

Ascensio’s debut assignment in 2003 was to use the concept and measurement of Emotional Intelligence to profile the Emotional Competencies that enabled people to thrive and succeed in a particular organisation (in this instance a fast-paced, multi-faceted European leisure organisation).

 At the time, they were hiring for ‘innovative thinking’ and ‘team player’ competencies (amongst others) but when the chips were down and the numbers weren’t on track, there was a senior leadership culture of ‘Just do it!’ – creative thought and being a team player went right out of the window, closely followed by the recruit who was either disillusioned by the incongruent cultural ‘sell’ and ultimately left or, as was more often the case, fired for incompetence.

This highly ineffective talent cycle was costing this, and many similar organisations a lot of time, money and energy. To solve the problem, we used the Baron EQ-I tool to star profile all of the people who naturally flourished in this organisation and used those EQ competencies to recruit future talent.

Our first problem solved.

Since then, the team has grown steadily and selectively and between us we have been helping many, many organisations solve problems and fulfil potential through developing the full capability of their people.




Our clients tell us this is what sets us apart from the rest:

  • Vertical development methodologies – innovative techniques for improving thinking and self-reliance capability
  • Preventative-focused development solutions (vs. retrospective problem-solving)
  • Overcoming personal inhibitors to development application BEFORE learning input
  • Solutions based on science and delivered with flair
  • Innovative and distinctive development solutions that deliver ROI
  • Honest, trustworthy and reliable dialogue and advocacy
  • Personal accountability for outcomes
  • Savvy, passionate and expert facilitation
  • An unrivalled ability to convert cynics and nay-sayers




In a world where ‘big’ doesn’t always mean ‘good’ and the ‘sell’ does not always translate into reality, you have our word that:

  • We will always advocate the right solutions for your business, even if it is at the expense of ours
  • We will never charge for dissatisfaction
  • We will always provide you with a personal, committed and loyal service
  • We will work hard to exceed your expectations in what we deliver
  • We will always add value to strategic aims and provide tangible ROI – we won’t do ‘tick-box’ assignments
  • We will always conduct ourselves as credible and professional partners of your organisation
  • We will always keep our promises